In the world of fashion, products are made at rapid pace and in large quantities. Unfortunately, the vision and meaning behind these products are compromised as a consequence. Honesty is also faded.


At FOROUX, we do not make products. We make ART. 

We take our time to carefully craft the perfect shoes. The foundation of every piece is a story and meaning. Our first silhouette ever, the SOFIA, took two years to develop.


At FOROUX, art is always made with MEANING and VISION. 

Artistic Director, DANI FOROUX, credits his MOTHER as the primary inspiration for Spring/Summer 2018. Therefore, the shoes carry her name:

“Only the perfect silhouette can have my mother’s name.” 

The SOFIA is not merely a shoe. It is pure ART: fusing the comfort of sneakers with the elegance of stilettos. The result is a unique silhouette, a modern artifice. 

In addition, DANI wanted to craft a shoe that the modern woman could wear during a full day. In other words, the modern woman would not have to switch shoes during the day, in order to be dressed for a specific event. Thus, the SOFIA is designed to be worn throughout the day, regardless of the occasion one attends:

 "The silhouette is designed for WORK, DINNER and AFTER PARTY."


At FOROUX, MEANING is NEVER compromised to save TIME.

The ART always comes first.

The SOFIA is crafted in limited quantities per year in SPAIN by craftsmen and women. These specialists have also taken the time to understand the meaning and vision behind SOFIA. The process took two years:

"I will never release anything that was pieced together randomly. Instead, I take my time to craft the art that I believe in, and that changes the status quo."


At FOROUX, we do not have customers. We have CLIENTS, who matter. 

The casual term "customer" does not resonate with our Pret-à-Couture vision. Instead, we make art for our clients, who we love to have a dialogue with. Our clients are a part of the FOROUX vision.

Who are our clients? In a nutshell, the SOFIA is crafted for:

  1. The modern woman who embraces eternal youth.
  2. Her, who believes that age is nothing but a number.
  3. Her, who simply enjoys life, no matter what.
  4. Her, who needs to be dressed for various occasions during her day.
  5. Anybody who appreciates quality, design and craftsman/womenship.
  6. Anybody who seeks serenity and (inner) calmness.
  7. Lovers of ART.
  8. Lovers of LIFE.


At FOROUX, we are Prêt-à-Couture.

Pret-à-Couture is a unique division. We fuse the artful elements of Haute Couture with the accessibility of Pret-à-Porter (Ready to Wear).

The influence of Haute Couture is signified by our limited production capacity to ensure excellent quality and exclusivity for our clients. Therefore, we offer clients a chance to reserve a pair before release.

Thus, our shoes feature the art and craftsmanship of couture that you can wear anytime.



Dani is the designer and Artistic Director of FOROUX. In addition, he is also a filmmaker and author; in short, he considers himself a multidisciplinary artist whose purpose it is to make our lives on earth a happy event. 

Life is a series of painted, and yet to be painted canvases. Therefore, Dani's art is directly influenced by one crucial question: How do we paint the future?

Well, the first brush of paint is the SOFIA.



September 2015: With a strong desire to change the state of footwear, the FOROUX brand is born. Shoes were either casual or elegant. FOROUX would be the glue that brought both worlds together, fusing the art of haute couture with the accessibility of ready to wear.

January 2018: After three years of development, the SOFIA is introduced. A shoe that fuses the elegance of a stiletto with the casualness of a sneaker. A shoe the modern woman could wear all day long- from breakfast to the after party.

June 2018: Dani released Futurist In The Present: a Book about Art, Design & Life. Among others, in this book, he discusses his philosophy on art and design that he applies during the design process. Also, it's aimed to stimulate fellow artists and their art. But mostly, it's a book for anyone who is interested in art, design & life. You can get it here.

November 2018: Dani finished and screened his visual album, PEARLESCENCE

PEARLESCENCE is a reinterpretation of the film medium. The album will never be released on the internet since it was designed for projection on a 170 inch screen. Therefore, Dani will only screen the album as intended during a few screenings throughout the year.

The album consists of four films that tell the story of a young man and a dream. There are two sides: