Note From The Studio №1

Dani Foroux


This is the first “note from the studio” ever. I feel like the appropriate time to post these notes is on Fridays. That’s the end of a week, and a beginning of a weekend. After the weekend a new week starts.

So, we’re somewhere in the middle of life.


These notes are rather short. Because I know you have other things to do. Mostly, they will be written on a phone.


Fashion is something personal. And communication is the most personal act. So why wouldn’t I, the artistic director, talk to you in a simple, yet artful, manner? That’s the reason for the existence of these notes.


People often ask me:

Why do you call your website a digital museum?

The answer is very simple: we don’t just sell shoes. We display art. If our clients like the art, they can easily purchase it. Because you, the client, are the heart of the label, and carrier of the vision.

And what is the perfect place for art? Right, a museum. And it’s digital because it’s online.


Our shoes are not like other products in the fashion industry. A shoe that we design and sell, is composed according to a story and clear vision. In that sense, we make shoes like a music album or film.

F (inally)

Have a happy weekend and don’t forget to enjoy the art around you. And NEVER forget to ENJOY LIFE to the fullest 😉